A Gravel Driveway Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

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Do you need a gravel installation? B&S Affordable Home Improvements, LLC handles dirt and gravel pit jobs in Minden, Louisiana. A hole or depression in your yard can be both a safety hazard and an eyesore. Our team can fill it in with dirt or gravel. Maybe you need a gravel installation to complete a pathway or driveway. We handle gravel work of all kinds with efficiency. Your landscape will look finished and level before you know it.

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If you need landscaping materials, we're the company to call. Whether you need a dirt delivery for your backyard or a gravel delivery for your new driveway, we can help. You'll find the materials you need at affordable prices. Plus, if you need dirt removal work done, B&S Affordable Home Improvements can handle that, as well.

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